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Nonmetallics have grown in popularity as an essential resource for combating corrosion. It plays a major role in oil and gas production as an option to reduce corrosion failures and cost. The NACE Nonmetallics Virtual Seminar 2020 is established as the learning and networking space for experts of nonmetallics products and solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

This seminar showcases eight technical presentations on the following topics:

  • Technology (latest development in nonmetallics, expand envelope of operating window, inspection, testing)
  • Operation experience (failure investigation, new trials, challenges of some nonmetallics material)

Learn Best Practices

Learn best practices on the use of nonmetallic materials in corrosion mitigation from the comfort of home.

Make Industry Connections

Make connections with industry peers through virtual interactions.

Stay at the Forefront

Opportunity for top companies to stay at the forefront of the attendees.

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